Total Transformer HiiT Workout!

Who’s in the mood for jumping jacks?
Kettlebell Swings?
Wall Sits?
Scorpion Push-Ups?!?

Bwahahahaaaaa Scorpion Push-Ups. I’m sorry in advance for those!
(I’m not all that sorry.)Full-Body-HiiT-Workout-Total-Transformer

HiiT this workout 3-4 times this week and watch your body transform!

You’ll get cardio!
You’ll strengthen your abs!
You’ll work legs and arms and shoulders and glutes!

You’ll curse me until you see results. Then you’ll want to marry me sing my praises.


For this week’s workout you’ll need two light Sandbells, your Dual-Grip Medicine Ball, your Gymboss Interval Timer, and a mat.

You’ll also need your game face.
And some attitude, yo.

If this workout is too difficult for you, be sure to watch the Workout Preview Video below to learn how to modify it! And, I have many more suggestions for adapting this workout to YOUR needs here.


That’s more like it.


Learn the Workout:


Now do it in Real Time!



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