About Laura

Hey there!

I’m Laura Flynn Endres, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, homeschooling parent, tutor, speaker, amateur henna artist and unabashed smart-ass.

I began my fitness career in 1990, when I was hired at Bally Total Fitness in Madison, Wisconsin. I walked in, asked for a job, and they hired me.  It must’ve been the scrunch socks and thong leotard.  (Oh yes I did.)

For the past eight years, I worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at Summit Fitness, a small but awesome local gym in Pecatonica, IL. 

I hold certifications in Personal Training (AFAA and inerTRAIN), Mat Pilates (Physical Mind Institute), Silver Sneakers Senior Training (Healthways) and First Aid and CPR (plastic dummies don’t taste good). I have a BS in Elementary Education with a minor in Health Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Go Badgers!

So I’m legit! And people like me. 

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Before we relocated from Midwest farm country to the urban jungle that is Los Angeles, I also helped – where “helped” sometimes meant “got in the way” – on the family farm I co-own with my mother and siblings. My sister and her family manage the whole gig, and our children are fifth-generation on the farm! 


I’ve been married to my husband Rob for over twenty-five years (wait, what?) and together we have two sons, Brady, who is making movies and launching tech start-ups in Los Angeles, CA, and Jonathan, who is a server in Chicago.

My husband Rob is an investment advisor with Stonebrook Capital Management. They do amazing work.  You should check him out. (Not like that.) (Seriously, not like that.)

That’s the long and short of it. Enough stalling. Go have a Quickie!