Wanna Have a Hardcore Quickie (Workout)? RAWR.


We’ve been traveling for almost two weeks, and despite my best efforts to stay the path of health and wellness, it’s very, very difficult. You’re off your sleeping schedule, you don’t have access to all your regular go-to foods, your hosts prepare lovely dishes that you can’t refuse, and it’s harder to fit in workouts.

I DID fit in workouts, and we DID eat well, but still…. I am ready and eager to get back to normal.

And thanks to a bit (but not too much) indulgence, I am in need of a butt whoopin’ and I’ll get it with this week’s Hardcore HiiT Home Workout!

We begin this one with a 1/2 burpee plank walk, then ramp it up with a squat jump kick combo, a bad-ass inverted push-up burpee – say WHAAAAAAT –  and another lunge to really HiiT the legs, and then we challenge our abs with a weighted core move!

Take THAT, roadtrip indulgence!

Ready, Sparky?
Ready, Captain.

For this week’s workout, all you’ll need are two light Sandbells, your Gymboss Interval Timer, and a mat! And guess where you can buy all of those things? HERE! (<—- not so subtle sales pitch)

Learn the 5 Exercises and Make-It-Easier Modifications with this Workout Preview!

Now let’s HiiT this Hardcore Workout in Real Time, yo!


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