We Rocked the ROC Race!

Last Saturday, I ran my first ever obstacle race! The ROC Race in Chicago, billed as “the craziest 5k of your life!” is the original game show-inspired obstacle run! It’s a 3-mile fun run filled with larger than life obstacle challenges!


I hosted a giveaway for two free entries on my website, and fun surprise, one of the winners was my client Toni! So she and I, along with my 17 year old son and Toni’s best friend Chris, met up and ROC’d the ROC Race!

The race was just as fun as I hoped it would be! The obstacles varied in difficulty, which made it fun for everyone. Some were easy and just for fun – like giant inflatable slides and a giant bounce house!

Others challenged your strength – like the Get It Up (and Over) climbing wall, and the Gorilla bars. ROCRace2014-085ROCRace2014-112

Guys. GUYS. Guess what? I did all the Gorilla Bars! I couldn’t do hand over hand, but I didn’t drop – I completed the entire sequence! And then get this – dropped backwards into the pit anyhow.

OMG. How annoying! I lost my balance on my dismount. But there was a guy who was coaching me the whole time and that was super cool – “You’ve got great concentration! Keep going! You’re almost there. Steady pace, don’t lose momentum…” That REALLY helped because my grip was giving out but because of his encouragement, I kept at it!

When I fell back into the pit, he yelled, “Great job! It counts!” WOO!

Then there were obstacles that required balance, agility and coordination – like the Tight Rope Traverse, Wrecking Balls, and the Sweeper. Those last two had giant moving thingies that tried to knock you into pools! WAH!

In fact, I have a video of me doing the Wrecking Balls! —–> roc race

Which prompted me to have this not-surprising exchange on Facebook:

Friend: I was yelling at the screen, GO NOW!
Me: I couldn’t! I had balls in my face!

Friend: LLLLLLiterally.
Me: GIANT balls.

(Sorry, Mom.)
(She knows I’m not really that sorry.)ROCRace2014-183


The race had a two-hour delayed start due to storms that rolled in, but I was very impressed with their handling of it. My start time wasn’t until 3:30pm, but we were lined up by that time and they were getting people in as fast as they could.


The volunteers were helpful, the lines were short, and everything went smoothly.

Except for my costume.

My frilly, blue Bar Wench meets Sexy Alice in Wonderland meets Casino Server dress was decidedly NOT slippery, and I had a hard time sliding down the water slides in it! Hence, the log roll you’re about to see:



Yeah, graceful I’m not!

This raceROCRace2014-199 is a complete blast! We will definitely be doing it again!


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