Weak Core No More!

Have a weak core? Well you’ll have a weak core no more if you do this Quickie Workout 2-3x a week! Planks, Roll-Ups, Torso Twist Lunges, Dolphin Planks & Weighted Rotations star in this 15-minute Quickie Workout to build your core strength from the front, back & sides! A strong core makes everything easier – exercise and otherwise – and keeps your back safer from injury and fatigue! Incorporate some or all of these exercises into your regular routine and feel stronger after only a few weeks!

Ready? Let’s get our sweat on!

For this workout you’ll need two two light Sandbells, Dual-Grip Medicine Ball, Gymboss Interval Timer and a mat.

Learn the five exercises plus Make-It-Easier Modifications in the Workout Preview Video:

Now let’s HiiT this workout in Real Time!

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