Weight Loss & Optimal Nutrition

weight loss this is fit workoutsOur optimal nutrition products make it easy for you to transition to healthier eating, balance your blood sugar (too much leads to weight gain and diabetes), reboot your metabolism, and kick cravings!



Those who:

  • Need convenient, affordable options
  • Need to lose weight
  • Need to reduce cravings
  • Need to get healthy and feel full for longer


Counting calories is tedious and daunting. And, people tend to cut back too severely and compromise their overall health by stressing the system. This program focuses on nutrition and quality! It’s chock full of proteins, good carbs, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs to THRIVE!

BASIC – $190* Optimal Nutrition Package

 (1-2 month supply)

OPTIMAL – $310* Weight Loss Package

 (1-2 month supply) In addition to the Basic Nutrition Package, you’ll also receive:

* Both programs are customizable. Products can be purchased individually. Packages reflect retail price. Discounts are available. Additional shipping costs may apply.

“After improving my diet I have lost close to 60lbs and can now fit into a size 12. I have not fit into a size 12 in close to 15 years!”
“I had surgery so I couldn’t exercise for 9 weeks. I followed your nutrition program and lost 15 lbs. Without exercise. I can’t believe it!”
“My weight loss stalled, so I did the RESET kit. In the next two weeks I lost 14 lbs. I had been depriving myself and it wasn’t working. I’m glad I started using the shakes and bars instead.”
“I drink my shake every morning and it’s perfect because before, I skipped breakfast and then ate junk food at work!”