Whole Body HiiT!

My SEO guy (yeah, I totally have an “SEO guy.” Dude, I’m connected.) says the titles of my Quickie Workouts should describe what they are. Ok, yes! 

But there’s just one problem. My Quickie Workouts are designed to work the whole body – upper body, lower body, abs, and cardio! Every time! They’re all-in-one workouts, because that’s just how I roll. So that makes it a bit trickier to name them. So to follow his instructions, because I’m nothing if not obedient, I can get away with “Whole Body HiiT!” At least for this week. Then next week I’ll have to put my thinking cap on.

I’d put it on now but I went on a mini-retreat with girlfriends all weekend, and..  well…  WINE. So, yeah….

But now it’s Monday! Time for me to sweat (out some wine)! Ready to get YOUR sweat on? Let’s do this!

For this Quickie you’ll need light weights, a chair, and a mat! 

Learn the 5 exercises, proper form and modifications to make them easier in the Preview Video!


Now do the Quickie in Real Time!



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