Work It!

This has been a very busy month for me.  Not long after launching This is Fit, we hosted several house guests for over two weeks straight (at one point I think we numbered close to 20!), we hosted a huge private showing and party for the opening of Man of Steel which our son worked on, we attended a lovely out-of-town family wedding, and then one day later I road-tripped with a girlfriend to South Carolina for a week with friends.  I just returned tonight and I.  AM.  POOPED.

If laughter is a good ab workout, I have abs of steel right now.

It can be a real challenge to stick with an exercise and wellness routine when life is anything but normal.  My sleep schedule is off, my eating habits are off (and let’s not even talk about how MUCH I eat during these festivities), I’m staying up later than usual, and sneaking away for exercise means I miss something, or my guests have to fend for themselves for a bit.  But I manage.

Mostly because with workouts like my HiiT interval Quickies, I can get a really great workout in a really short amount of time. I can work up a serious sweat in mere minutes, challenge all my major muscles groups, get my heart rate up, and really know I’ve gotten a genuine workout. (I just spent a week in the south, so please pronounce genuine like jen-you-whine, and make sure you take your sweet ol’ time pronouncing that last syllable.)  (Thank you, darlin’.)  

On almost every day of my month-long party, I managed to fit in a Quickie. I managed to do a few sun salutations first thing. AND, I managed to eat well and drink lots of water. I like to drink down two glasses first thing in the morning – that way I know I begin my day hydrated.  And when I’m running on empty after weeks of socializing?  Anything I can do to stick to my wellness program is helpful in keeping me healthy, energized, and sane.

So play hard, but work it too!  Now work it with this week’s Quickie, y’all.

For this workout you’ll only need a mat and a heavy sandbell.  Buy one here.  It’s a whole different thang than using a dumbbell.  You won’t know until you try!  Now git with y’all.  (Oh gosh, I’ve got this southern thing bad.)


Quickie Preview Video


Quickie Real Time Video


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