Here’s an example of one of my Quickie Workouts!
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15-Minute Total Body Blast Workout!

Equipment Needed for this Quickie Workout:

Build muscle! Burn fat! Go team Quickie!

:::herkie jump:::
:::grabs hammie:::

This week’s Quickie Workout will rock your socks off!
We HiiT it hard straight off with a Push-Up Kickthrough Combo, then sculpt strong glutes with a Hip Lift, then get shoulder, backside, and balance work with an Overhead Lateral Raise + Deadlift Combo. After that, we take it up a notch with Lateral Hurdles + Jump Switch Lunges (hello, heart rate elevation!) and end with Corkscrew for abs and obliques.
:::pant pant pant:::
We pack a lot of KaPOW into this one!

You’ll work legs.
You’ll work arms.
Your beautiful abs will stop people in their tracks.
You’re welcome.

I make it.
You share it!
It’s a beautiful thing we have going here.

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Let’s HiiT it!

Learn proper form and ways to modify this workout:


Do the workout in Real Time:

It was good for me. Was it good for you?
:::lights cigarette:::
:::slams protein shake:::

You’re welcome.