You’ve Got Abs! Let’s Work ‘Em!

 On a recent post about abs workouts, this Google+ comment by Paul Miskinis cracked me up:

“I hope after all this crap going on outside you can enjoy your new perfect physique! It’s overkill for vacuuming and dusting!”

It’s no secret I kick ass in the house-cleaning department – and the yard-tending and the clutter-sorting and the garage-cleaning departments. (BOOM.) And while my physique is nowhere near perfect, am I building strong abs for cleaning house or for vainer reasons like showing off my six-pack this summer?

If I had a six-pack that is. (I do, but it’s the drinkable sort.)

I tell you to be your own kind of fit, because there are so many reasons to take good care of our health – practical reasons, functional reasons, performance enhancement, and yes, cosmetic reasons. I don’t care why you want to get fit, other than knowing so I can better help you get there.

But my strong abs do help me vacuum and dust! Feeling strong and capable help me do all the daily tasks I must tend. And it erases any dread I might otherwise feel at completing demanding physical tasks.

(Shut up. Dusting can be demanding.)

On the idea of six-packs, that’s never been my goal – to see my six-pack abs. That said, would I feel bad-ass if that happens? Hell yes. And it does happen on occasion. When my diet is dialed in, my hydration is right, my hormones are balanced, the stars are aligned, Mercury is not in retrograde, and the sages have foretold of its coming, I get a wee glimpse of my six-pack.

It’s there, it just likes to hide. Behind subcutaneous belly fat.

Keepin’ it real, bitches.

I know what I need to do to take it to the next level. Question is do I want to. Is it necessary. Will I be more satisfied, be more trustworthy, wield more influence, have more money and all my dreams come true if I have a six-pack?

Right now, I’m damn happy with being strong and fit. I’m being my own kind of fit. And that’s what I want for you!

Speaking of abs, let’s work ’em with this week’s 15-minute Quickie Workout! 5 exercises, 3 rounds, 50 seconds on, 10 seconds transition, for 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training!

You ready? Stability balls at the ready, bitches!

I’m sorry I keep calling you bitches yadda yadda.
(:::eye roll:::)

For this week’s workout you’ll need a stability ball, one heavy dumbbell, a mat, and your Gymboss timer!

Learn the exercises and ways to make the workout easier in the Workout Preview Video:


Now let’s do this Quickie in Real Time!

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